World Number one Novak Djokovic has faced the King of Clay Rafael Nadal 57 times.

Let's have a look at Novak's reaction to Spaniard's game. 


When Nadal's shot made  Djokovic fall on his knees 

Credits: Youtube/WivoRNPrdoductions

After losing a long rally against Nadal, Novak fell on his knees.
Djokovic recently said," Each time we face each other there is extra tension and expectations and just vibes are different walking on the court with him. " 

When Nadal's performance
made Novak smile 

Even after losing the shot, Djokovic couldn't stop smiling at Nadal's terrific  game. 

Credits: Youtube/WivoRNPrdoductions

When Rafael stunned Djokovic 
with his extraordinary shot 

Even after being rivals for years, Nadal and Djokovic share a lot respect for each other. Nadal stunned Novak with his extraordinary shot. He couldn't stop himself from appreciating Nadal.

Credits: Youtube/WivoRNPrdoductions

When Djokovic got
 angry after losing
 to Nadal

World Number one could'nt control his frustration after losing to Nadal, and smashed his racket in air.

Credits: Youtube/WivoRNPrdoductions

When Djokovic was amazed by Nadal's performance 

Djokovic once said, " Nadal is always the number one favorite to win on any Clay court." 

Credits: Youtube/WivoRNPrdoductions

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