55-Year-Old Joe Rogan Wants to Join Onlyfans After Learning About Bhad Bhabie’s ‘$100 Million’: “We Should Join”

Everything is possible in today's world with the new advancements in social media where stars are made almost every day and earning millions is a new normal. Joe Rogan recently discussed about Bhad Bhabie earning millions on OnlyFans and his take on joining the platform. What did he say, let's dig in to find out.


Joe Rogan in his #1856 episode of the Joe Rogan Experience shared his thoughts about Bhad Bhabie making $100 million on OnlyFans. Bhabie is an American rapper and internet personality who is earning millions on OnlyFans.

Bhad Bhabie Earning

Rogan was surprised by the amount that was earned by Bhabie and curious to know if he can join the platform too.

Rogan on Bhad Bhabie

Rogan expressed his astonishment and said “Bro, she’s richer than me. That b*tch is balling out of control. She made like a $100 million of her OnlyFans showing her a**hole.”

On Joining OnlyFans

Rogan expressed his curiosity to join the platform after finding out Bhabie's earnings in millions by saying “That’s crazy. She’s balling. And what is she doing on there? We should join. Can we join?” 

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