Conor McGregor being the "best daddy" in the world

Have you ever wondered what a day at Disneyland would look like for a famous athlete and their family? Look no further than this video of Conor McGregor, former UFC champion, as he takes a break from training and spends a fun-filled day with his family at the Happiest Place on Earth. From classic rides to character meet-and-greets, watch as McGregor and his loved ones make unforgettable memories in the magical world of Disney.

Conor McGregor and family arrive at @waltdisneyworld to create magical memories together 🏰☘️❤️

McGregor Family's Disney Arrival

After attending Disney, Conor posted pictures of himself with his family, including his children who appeared to be very happy with their parents. These pictures give the impression that they are the happiest family ever.

The Happiest Place on Earth

Conor commented on Instagram "The happiest place on earth, now the coolest! @waltdisneyworld 🏰❤️"

Credit Source: TMZSports

Dee Devlin takes to Instagram to express her love for "the best daddy on the planet!" with a heartwarming message.

Dee Devlin Declares Conor McGregor 'The Best Daddy on the Planet!

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