Dana White Doubles Down on Colby Covington Promise 

From giving the next title shot to Colby Covington to telling Edwards about his obligation as a fighter. Let's take a look at what Dana White had to say about the situation.

The UFC president post Edwards’s victory against Kamaru Usman at UFC 286 announced that Colby Covington would get the next title shot but the remarks by Edwards have now led to White sharing his side on the matter.


Edwards expressed that he is not interested in the fight against Colby Covington. He even expressed that he wouldn’t sign a bout agreement for Covington but Dana White spoke on the issue and called it an obligation.

What is the Issue?

White expressed to MMA Junkie during a post-fight conference why he thinks Covington should get a shot and he gave his own reasons.

What Did White Do?

He said, “I don’t blame Leon. Leon just got through Usman twice and now he’s looking at another wrestler now with a funky style that’s tough to deal with. When you become the champ, everybody’s coming after you. All the straight killers are coming after you for the next three times a f*cking year, you’re faced with nothing but the baddest dudes in the world in your division.”

The UFC president shared his appreciation for Usman and said, “If you look at Usman and what he did – Usman ran through that division twice. Usman’s one of the greatest of all time. Leon just beat him twice. You’re the man, Leon. You’re the guy. And everyone’s coming after you, and it’s going to be Colby next.”

What Did White Say?

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