“Even Arnold Came Out Against Donald Trump” – Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Stance Against Ex-president of the United States Had Joe Rogan Wheezing Once

Rogan's diverse career as a standup comedian, UFC commentator, and podcaster has been an all-rounder of entertainment for his fans. From making controversial statements to doing impressions of various MMA fighters, let's see what made Rogan and his fans. Laugh all the way.


Rogan’s official YouTube channel posted an animated video back in 2017 that contained the conversation about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s stance on Donald Trump and left everybody laughing out loud.

Schaub's Remark

In the conversation Brendan Schaub made the statement “Even Arnold Came Out Against Donald Trump” and that led to further funny conversation and Schwarzenegger’s impersonation by Rogan.


The video featured Rogan, Eddie Bravo, and Brendan Schaub absorbed in a hilarious conversation where Rogan was impersonating Schwarzenegger and his stance on Trump and Hillary Clinton.

The Best Mimic

Rogan's fans loved his impersonation, and the video received a great response.

An All-Rounder Rogan

This was not the first time Rogan impersonated someone, in fact, he also did a Yoel Romero impression once with his distinct way of speaking. He has impersonated many well-known UFC fighters including Georges St-Pierre, Wanderlei Silva, and Conor McGregor.

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