“It’s Cheating” – Arnold Schwarzenegger & Joe Rogan Live by Bodybuilding Belief Dwayne Johnson is Possibly Against

The UFC commentator is a huge fitness enthusiast and, in his podcast, 'JRE' he has made a point to discuss and focus on the health and fitness aspect by bringing guests to keep the discussion on. 


Joe Rogan in his top trending podcast discussed his take on the very common gym practice of listening to music while working out, he did agree with a few but disagreed too.

What Did Rogan Say?

The UFC commentator expressed his take on Arnold Schwarzenegger's opinion of working out without the music which is completely opposite of what the Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson follows as he can’t leave his headphones while he is in the gym.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Take

The Seven-Time Mr. Olympia winner, Arnold Schwarzenegger's take on listening to music while working out is clear and that is he highly dislikes it and doesn't support it. He said, “When I train at Gold’s, I actually don’t listen to music because I am either completely focused with my mind in the muscle I’m training or joking with my training partners.”

What Did Rogan Say
About Running with
Headphones On?

Joe Rogan was joined by Ultramarathon runner David Goggins in episode #1212 of ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ where the duo discussed how music does not help in staying focused. Rogan also shared an incident when he started running with headphones on and people said that he was cheating.

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