Joe Rogan Asks Dwayne Johnson, Chris Hemsworth & Hugh Jackman to Come Clean on Steroids

From talking about health and fitness to having no filter approach when it comes to speaking his mind, the UFC color commentator takes no back seat. After discussing the Liver King steroid news, Rogan has now questioned Hollywood's A-Listers.


Rogan was recently with the fitness educator Derek from More Plates More Dates on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast where the duo discussed Liver King's apology video that was issued after his steroid use was exposed.

What is the Issue?

The raw carnivore diet promoter Liver King was recently exposed for taking steroids. He consumed $12,000 worth of pharmaceutical HGH per month to achieve his much-celebrated physique.

What Did Rogan Say About Dwayne Johnson and Hemsworth?

The UFC color commentator and Derek talked about Johnson and Chris Hemsworth's physiques. Rogan jokingly said, “The Rock should come clean right now. There’s not a f***ing chance in hell he’s clean, not a chance in hell as big as The Rock is at 50." Rogan commented on Hollywood's A-lister Chris Hemsworth’s physique and questioned a common behavior around steroid use.

Rogan's Take on Hugh Jackman

Joe Rogan during his podcast 'JRE' discussed Jackman’s physique for the role of ‘Wolverine.’ He called it “actually achievable" but still questioned the use of enhancers to achieve that jacked look.

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