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“99% of the Fighters Ends Up Broke and F***ing Depressed” – Taking a Subtle Jibe at Dana White, Sean Strickland Exposes UFC Fighters Pay to 7x Time Mr. Olympia and Bodybuilding Star

Published 12/07/2022, 8:45 AM EST

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Sean Strickland agrees that proper MMA training is essential for kids. But worries that most of them might go on to pursue it as a career. According to the UFC middleweight contender, the life of an MMA fighter is not for everybody. Through his experience, Strickland understood that it doesn’t end glamorously for most fighters who step into the Octagon. After years of fighting, most professional fighters end up in financial and mental distress. But, that is not the case with the business owners, such as UFC president Dana White.

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Strickland hates how they get all the respect, despite never risking their life. But points out how they have earned it. According to Strickland, MMA is a risky career choice that might or might not pay off. Especially for kids.


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Sean Strickland comments on the sad state of the UFC

In a podcast episode with 7-time Mr.Olympia, James “Flex” Lewis, Sean Strickland revealed how there isn’t much money in the MMA business. And only the top dogs and the business owners get respect. Strickland stated the ugly truth about the MMA business “99% of the fighters end up f***king broke and depressed teaching cardio kickboxing classes. That is just the f**king truth”

Kids look up to their UFC Idols, such as Jon Jones, Conor McGregor, or Khabib Nurmagomedov, and pursue their MMA careers. Oftentimes, young minds might succumb to the dark side of MMA.


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The 31-year-old compared his job as a professional UFC fighter to that of a sex worker. “and you want to know like I always call myself a f**king prost*tute because that’s what we do”

Because, in reality, the job pays much less than what they’re demanded to do. And the contract issues, such as the one Francis Ngannou is facing, make life difficult for a UFC fighter. However, the children who only see fame and glamor do not get to see this ugly side.

UFC boss Dana White gets the most respect

Sean Strickland envied UFC boss Dana White for being ridiculously wealthy. White is worth $500 million due to his global combat sports business. Therefore, most of the profits go into his pockets. Strickland also pointed out that whether one likes it or not, Dana White will be richer than any UFC champion. And that says a lot.


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“you’re gonna watch him (Dana White) get more respect… never stepping in a f*cking cage, in his entire f*cking life, than f*cking Alex Pereira would ever f*cking get.”

But Strickland revealed he is comfortable with his finances of late. However, that is not the case for several professional MMA fighters.


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