Joe Rogan Gets Fooled by Father-Son boxing Video

The UFC commentator and most of the top trending podcast 'JRE' recently got fooled by a YouTube video. He was sad to see a father knocking his son down only to realize it was all a trap.


Joe Rogan recently got fooled by a misleading clickbait title on a video of a fight between YouTubers. The UFC commentator shared his sad reaction before the reality of the video was revealed to him.

What is the Issue?

Rogan recently got trapped into a misleading title on a video of a fight between YouTubers Matt Watson and 'Dad' at the Creator Clash charity boxing event held in Tampa, Florida. In the episode of his podcast, 'JRE' Rogan mentioned about the video and his thoughts on it.

What Was Rogan's

The UFC color commentator called out ‘Dad' for beating up his son and felt too sad about the whole incident. He said, "I saw a video today of a boxing match between a father and a son. It made me so sad. 'Cause there's this young kid, he looks like he's probably like 17 or 18 and the father is 42. And the father beats the sh*t out of him."

Why Did Rogan Call
Himself a 'Sucker'?

It was minutes later that one of the podcast guests revealed to him that the video's title was clickbait to which Rogan says, "It's not? What is it? Oh, why does it lie? It says, 'Father knocks out son in celebrity boxing match.' Oh. I'm such a sucker."

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