MMA News Round-Up: Dana White on Makhachev vs Volkanovski Rematch: Nurullo Aliev Responds to Allegations: Khabib Reacts to Manchester City Stars

From big revelations, paying tribute, to responding to allegations, here is everything you need to know about the world of MMA.

Manchester City Stars Jack Grealish and Erling Haaland recently imitated the signature gesture of Khabib to pay respect to him and shared the same on their Instagram story. The tribute was later reshared by 'The Eagle’.

Khabib Reacts to
Manchester City Stars

The UFC president White revealed his thoughts on the coveted Makhachev vs Volkanovski rematch. He expressed his wish esto have a rematch between Volkanovski and Makhachev.

Makhachev vs Volkanovski Rematch

UFC Vegas 70 fighter Nurullo Aliev responded to bite allegations during his post-fight interview.

Aliev Responds to Allegations

He said, "there was no bite I was controlling him with my head and he was trying to get me off by putting his hand in my mouth so I was trying to spit his hand out and as I was spitting it out his finger caught one of my teeth and so maybe he was tired so he decided that way to kind of call that there was a bite but there wasn’t a bite he just was tired because a young Eagle was pressuring him he felt the pressure of a young eagle and it seemed like the people looking at the replay didn’t see a bite.”

Dana White during a recent interview revealed that there is a backup fighter for the UFC 285 main event. He said, “We always have backups for those kinds of fights.” And considering the immensity of the card and not just this particular bout, it would be foolish of the UFC to risk losing the main event if something unexpected did come up.

White on UFC 285

Conor McGregor took to Instagram and shared the post of the old sparring video of himself with former boxer Paulie Malignaggi. In the video, Conor is dominating his sparring partner and throwing quick punches and wrote, “The worst hiding he ever got, he ran out the gym."

McGregor on Malignaggi

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