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“That Punch So Fast You Can’t Even See Him Hit the Dude’s Face”: Impressed Fans React to Fighter Sending Opponent ‘13 Years Into the Future’ in Brutal Knockout Clip

Published 02/18/2023, 8:00 AM EST

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A good knockout is what MMA fans love to watch. The recent UFC events have witnessed some really good knockouts. The fans and even the UFC commentators such as Joe Rogan have loved a fine KO. Moreover, the fighters also increase their popularity and value if they secure a good knockout. For example, Conor McGregor and Jorge Masvidal have made their names owing to some spectacular KO’s in the past.

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Recently, a video has gone viral of a perfectly timed strike in combat sports. The fight was enough to knock the fighter out in a fight. Some impressed fans have given their opinion on seeing the video.

MMA fans react to a brutal knockout of a fighter


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The MMA fans have taken to Twitter to react to a vicious strike thrown in a fight. Fight Haven originally shared the video on their Twitter account. The post was captioned, “Dude gets knocked 13 years into the future…”

Moreover, the fans have given their opinion on the video. One fan absolutely loved the strike that was thrown.


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Another fan accurately described the situation via their tweet.

Furthermore, one social media user blamed the fighter’s team for not guiding him through the fight, as he made some basic errors.

Meanwhile, an MMA fan said, “Perfect timing”.

Twitter fans were highly impressed with the strike that was thrown.

Furthermore, one fan hilariously tweeted about the video.

Moreover, one MMA fan was intrigued by the punch that was thrown. They praised the speed of the punch as it was impossible for the naked eye to witness.

Furthermore, one fan criticized the knocked-out fighter as he didn’t read his opponent’s movements well.

However, the replies to the tweets were full of praise for the technique used in the knockout. The fans further reacted to seeing the brutal strike with their own take.

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Joe Rogan explained the consequences of a brutal knockout


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The UFC commentator was one of the people who explained the dire consequences of a knockout. Rogan explained on JRE #1907 about some of the issues that fighters face post a knockout.

The podcast host said, “They don’t remember waking up in the morning, brushing their teeth, or taking a shower. They don’t remember anything. It shuts off everything and then when it comes back, the memory is real sketchy. quite a few fighters have said after they get knocked out that they have no memory of the day at all.”


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What do you think about the technique used by the fighter in the viral video? Let us know in the comments.



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