Mma News Round-Up: Dana White’s Action Gives Financial Troubles to UFC, Jake Paul Fight Contract Exposed, Volkanovski Recounts Zombie Fight

From the UFC president's new year letdown that led to the financial hit to UFC to Volkanovski recounting his fight with the Korean Zombie Chan Sung Jung, here is everything you need to be updated about from the world of MMA.

White's Slap Controversy Troubles UFC 

Dana White's recent slap controversy has led to financial troubles for the UFC. UFC’s parent company suffered a major hit in its stock after White’s video went viral over the internet. Endeavor’s shares were down by 5% to reach a value of $21.53 while the S&P 500 fell by less than 1%.

Paul's Fight Contract Exposed

Mike Perry took to Twitter and called out Jake Paul for backing out of their fight negotiations and not following the contract.

Volkanovski Recounts
Zombie Fight

The ‘Great’ shared how he felt that the ‘Korean Zombie’ was done with the fight even before the referee stepped in during their fight last year. He shared that there was a delay in stopping the bout.

Ali Abdelaziz Signed
Kevin Lee

Ali Abdelaziz signed with Khabib Nurmagomedov's former UFC LW rival Kevin Lee from the Dominance MMA management.

Schaub on UFC fight-fixing issue

The former mixed martial artist Brendan Schaub shared his views on UFC's fight-fixing issues and said, “I have some friends who are close to this and they said we’re just getting the tip of the iceberg. It goes deep.”

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