Conor McGregor Celebrates New Year With ‘Last Minute Intimate Affair’ at a Historical Heineken Family-Owned

Published 01/02/2023, 8:15 AM EST

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McGregor is a well-known figure in the combat sports world, particularly in the UFC. In addition to his lavish lifestyle, McGregor has recently become more family-oriented as a father of three. To kick off the new year, he took a trip to Amsterdam with his family and celebrated at a historical venue owned by the Heineken family. This celebration aligns with Conor McGregor‘s recent foray into the brewing industry, as he recently launched his brand new ‘Forged Stout’ brew.

As the new year begins, McGregor has a chance to make up for any missteps in his career so far. He is looking to make his octagon comeback in 2023, though it remains to be seen who his opponent will be. However, he needs to be a part of the pool and clear the USADA tests before entering the octagon. Regardless, his personal life seems great.


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Conor McGregor celebrates New Year in Amsterdam

‘The Notorious’ rang in the new year with a last-minute trip to Amsterdam with some close friends and family. He shared the details on Instagram, stating that he jetted off to the city and celebrated at the historical Heineken-owned De L’Europe Amsterdam. McGregor mentioned that the Heineken story was interesting to him; especially since his recent heavy involvement in the business world.

He said, “Rang in the New Year with some close friends and family in a last minute intimate affair in Amsterdam.

The post was accompanied by a series of pictures of McGregor and his loved ones enjoying themselves in the city. One image showed the group posing in front of the famous Amsterdam canals, while another captured them raising a toast to the new year.

It’s clear that McGregor knows how to ring in the new year in style, even if it was a last-minute affair. He and his loved ones certainly looked like they were having a great time in Amsterdam.

Irish king of beer?

It’s official: Conor McGregor has entered the beer business! His “Forged Stout” from the Black Forge Inn might blow up. McGregor himself announced the new line on Instagram with a glowing review.


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He said, “Extremely impressed with my “Forged Stout” from the @theblackforgeinn! I urge all stout lovers to try this!”


According to McGregor, this stout is 30 cents cheaper per pint than Guinness on-premise and well worth the price difference. In fact, he plans on enjoying it all weekend long with a nice whiskey. And if that wasn’t enough, the Black Forge Inn also has its own homemade black and white Irish cream.


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So all you stout lovers out there, take McGregor’s advice and give this “Forged Stout” a try. Whether you’re a whiskey fan or you’re into beer, ‘Notorious’ has you covered.

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