MMA News Round-Up: Dwayne Johnson Gets Defended Against Joe Rogan Accusations, Khabib's Manager Wants to Join Dana White's Slap League, Conor McGregor Lawsuit Dropped

From offering a contract and backing up for your people to opening up about the loss, here is everything you need to know to know from the world of MMA.

Dana White’s Power Slap recently got attention from team Khabib. White recently advertised the latest episode of his show on his Instagram to which the leading MMA manager Ali Abdelaziz expressed his interest in a contract. He wrote, “Give me a contract.”

Khabib Team on PSL

Solofa Fatu Jr. who is a cousin to Dwayne Johnson clapped back at Joe Rogan's claims in episode #1905 of 'JRE' where he accused Johnson of using steroids. 

Fatu Jr. on 'The Rock' Physique

During an interview with ‘InsideFighting’, he said, “Absolutely not. That’s the one thing about Polynesians. You know, do the research. We’re all big-boned men. And Rock, you see him. He workout, if you workout as much as ‘The Rock’, everyday. I mean, while people’s in the club partying, Rock’s in the Paradise Gym.” 

Conor McGregor was accused by a woman of physically assaulting her during his birthday on July 17, 2022. The woman named Samantha Murphy has now dropped the civil action lawsuit just one month after filing them, as per the Irish media outlet

Lawsuit Against McGregor Gets Dropped

Jon Jones recently took to Twitter and expressed his desire for the no-contest decision against Daniel Cormier to get overturned.

Jones on Win Against DC

Jessica Andrade blamed wardrobe malfunction as the reason for her loss against Erin Blanchfield. In an interview with Ag Fight, Andrade said, “This is not an excuse, but when she came for the takedown, I lost focus. Because when she moved in, she put her shoulder just under my top and my breast completely slipped out. I lost focus and forgot to counter."  

Andrade on Loss Against Blanchfield

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