Most Hilarious Moments Between Frenemies Darren Till and Mike Perry

Sometimes, it is hard to tell whether Darren Till and Mike Perry are bitter rivals or just two friends trolling each other. Thus, the term 'Frenemies' fits perfectly to describe their relationship. Here, we take a look at Darren Till and Mike Perry's funny moments.

Spa or Spar?

When Perry said he wanted to spar with Till, 'The Gorilla' got confused with the word "Spar" and assumed Perry wanted to go to a Spa with him. It is truly one of the most funniest moments between the pair.

Perry Blocked Till on

In one of the episodes of 'Michael Bisping Podcast', Till revealed that he once went too far with trolling Perry in his Intagram DM's. As a result, Perry blocked him on Instagram. 

Till and Perry on
Instagram Live

Once, 'The Gorilla' and Perry were live together on Instagram. The pair traded insults and trolled each other throughout their Instagram live session, which fans found it hilarious.

'The Gorilla' called out Perry

After his spectacular first-round TKO victory over Donald Cerrone, Till went ahead and called out Perry for a fight while 'Platinum Perry' was screaming - "I am a real welterweight." And as always, fans found it very funny.

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