Stephen Thompson’s Intense Training Routine For His Fight Against Gilbert Burns At UFC 264

 Stephen Thompson will clash in a bantamweight bout against Gilbert Burns at UFC 264. The 'Wonderboy' is training extensively to secure a win at UFC 264. Here is what his intense training routine looks like.

 Core Workout

'Wonderboy' does intense core workouts to train his lower body for better balance and stability.

Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight exercises are a vital part of Thompson's training routine. He does several bodyweight exercises such as Pull-ups, Lunges, and explosive push-ups.

Shin Conditioning

Thompson does a special shin conditioning exercise which improves his performance by increasing his bone density and muscle mass. This exercise partially desensitizes the pain receptors so he can pull hard strikes inside the octagon.


The 'Wonderboy' is a former kickboxing champion, and his striking training is heavily based on kickboxing. His kickboxing training includes MMA mitt drills.


Thompson follows a strict diet to maintain his body weight. He only eats clean nutrient-rich food all day. His diet includes fruits, leafy vegetables, berries, and complex carbs.

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