The Real Reason Why Bruce Lee Had His Armpit Sweat Glands Removed

From mastery in martial arts to ruling the hearts globally with his acting. The legendary actor left an incredible legacy behind that still inspires billions.


Bruce Lee was a disciplined man who had a great martial art and acting career but he once got his armpit's sweat glands removed for his own reasons.

Who is Bruce Lee?

Lee was a legendary icon both in Hollywood and in the art of Martial Arts.

Why Did He Get His Armpit Sweat Glands Removed?

Bruce Lee faced an issue with excessive sweating while he used to perform stunts. In order to achieve the sweat-free look, Lee had his sweat glands removed from under his armpits, according to Cheat Sheet.

Lee's Impact on Hollywood

Bruce Lee has made a incredible impact on the Hollywood industry. He starred in films like Fists of Fury, Enter the Dragon, and Way of the Dragon.

A Dedicated Legend 

Lee was a dedicated and disciplined actor and a martial art professional. He was suffering from cerebral edema and passed away at an early age of 32 in 1973 from brain swelling.

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