UFC HW Champ Jon Jones Encourages Fans While Revealing Success Mantras

UFC HW Champ Jon Jones come up with an open mantra towards maintaining a good psych and carrying good health. 

Ever wonder how people can go to the same gym yet have completely different results in their careers? My experience has taught me the biggest difference is passion, passion is what makes the difference between athletes. Victory is a result of the obsession encourages fans while revealing success mantras

Jon Jones encouraged fans with a lengthy tweet

That’s true, we all comprehend things differently and at different speeds. But we all have our strengths, and the potential to be great at something. All I’m saying is, have passion, more than passion, be obsessed with what you’re trying to accomplish in your time here on this earth. 

Jones went into extreme depth in explaining the importance of phsych

Jones has 16 title fights, and he holds the record for the most title fight wins in UFC history with 15.

Jones overall title records

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