USA Judo ‘Ran Out of Money’ as Ronda Rousey Unexpectedly Broke Their Corrupt System During Her Rookie Days 

The American professional wrestler, actress, former judoka, and mixed martial artist, 'Rowdy' Ronda Rousey has broken many glass ceilings. But as she did, she also has now opened up about her struggles in her memoir. What did she say? Let's take a look.

Ronda Rousey who is the former UFC and now WWE star has proved her mettle in the world if sports. She has been vocal about multiple instances and her judo days in her memoir, My Fight/ Your Fight.


Rousey was so done with the USA Judo Association that she wanted to move to Canada. She even ran away from her home to New York because her mother wanted her to take up a job and put an end to judo for some time.

What Did Rousey Do?

She was depended on her father’s social security to pay her bills, but as she free, she had to find other sources. The Judo Association stipend was giving her hope, but when she asked for her payments, she was told that the organization had run out of money for the program.

Why Was Rousey Denied
the Stipend? 

Rousey mentioned in her memoir about getting dejected by the USA Judo. 

Rousey's Take on USA

She wrote, “The organization guaranteed $3,000 a month in funding to any athlete who won an A-level tournament. The catch was, for years, no one had. Then I came on the scene and USA Judo started having to pay up. But the checks were always late, and I had to repeatedly call to see when I could expect the money.”

She added, "F*ck USA Judo, f*ck all these American coaches, f*ck Dick, I thought. I’m going to go up to Canada, handle my shit on my own, and compete better than I ever have.“

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