Watch: Joe Rogan talks about "Alien" signs in famous paintings

Joe Rogan explores alien signs in famous paintings, UFO depictions, and the frustration with skeptical dismissals. Engage with his captivating exploration of credible witnesses, video evidence, and the need for open-minded scientific exploration. Tune in to unravel extraterrestrial mysteries.

Joe Rogan discusses a famous painting with men in flying crafts. There are hidden elements and intentional placements, raising intriguing questions.

Enigmatic Painting: Rogan's Analysis

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Joe Rogan explores UFOs in famous artworks and references a painting depicting them above Christ's crucifixion. He discusses the ambiguous interpretations and references the Miracle of Fatima as a similar event open to multiple explanations.

UFOs in Art

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Rogan emphasizes eyewitnesses, radar systems' significance in studying UFOs. He criticizes biased skeptics and promotes a scientific, like is that supposed to be aliens or is that supposed to be angels.

Intriguing UFO Study: Rogan's Perspective

Credit Source: JRE Clips YouTube

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