Watch: UFC star Conor McGregor's only win by submission in MMA

Get ready for an exhilarating journey inside the cage as we delve into the epic showdown between two formidable fighters at Cage Warriors 47. Brace yourself as we witness the electrifying clash between Conor McGregor and Dave Hill, culminating in a sensational victory for McGregor with a rear-naked choke submission at the precise 4-minute and 10-second mark of the second round. Prepare to relive every heart-pounding moment as we take a closer look at this remarkable feat of skill, determination, and unyielding spirit.

Despite being in a very uncomfortable position, Conor McGregor showcased his resilience and skill as he pulled off a submission win.

McGregor Finds a Way

Credit Source:  MMA Daily 

McGregor took his time, displaying patience and maturity in the fight. He expertly sought a guillotine with one arm while meticulously inching his fingers up the mat to isolate Dave Hill's right arm.

Strategic Approach

Credit Source:  MMA Daily 

McGregor demonstrated his deep grip and control, strategically alternating between strikes and attempts at the rear-naked choke. His composure and calculated approach showcased his maturity as a fighter.

Tactical Mastery

Credit Source:  MMA Daily 

As the minutes passed, McGregor maintained control with inside wrist control and effectively trapped Hill's arm. With an impressive extension of his hips and a well-executed arch, McGregor secured the rear-naked choke, leading to the submission victory.

Notorious Submission

Credit Source:  MMA Daily 

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