What Did Joe Rogan Say About Brittney Griner

Joe Rogan with his top trending podcast 'JRE' has been vocal about multiple subjects and incidents that happen. From expressing his views to calling things out, the UFC commentator never shies away.

On Expressing Concern

Rogan during the podcast along with a comedian, Robert Kelly expressed concerns over Russia's sentence to Griner expressed, “Brittney Griner is over there. You know, rotting in a f*****g cell. They gave her nine years for having a marijuana vape pen on her.”

On People's Hypocrisy 

Episode #1846 of 'JRE' organ expressed how people's hypocrisy over the Griner situation and compared it with thousands of people imprisoned in America for the same charges and how nobody is vocal about it.

Sharing His Take On Instagram

The UFC commentator took to the social media platform Instagram and expressed his take on the arrest of Griner. He made a post that read, “This is some really horrible sh*t. I hope some sort of a deal can be made to get her out, and I hope this makes us look at our own policies here in America where thousands of people are in jail for cannabis right now.”

On A 'Crazy' Arrest

Joe Rogan during a podcast with the guest Paul Virzi called the arrest of Brittney Griner incident ‘crazy’ and said, "All she had was a CBD vape pen, which is wild, wild, right? She got a vape pen, for I mean, she is a f***ing professional athlete.”

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