Why is Leon Edwards' Nickname "Rocky"? Does It Have a Sylvester Stallone Connection?

Leon Edwards is an English professional mixed martial artist who currently competes in the welterweight division. His nickname "Rocky" makes his fans wonder about the reason and story behind his nickname.

Leon Edwards has a nickname that we are all aware of, he is known by the nickname "Rocky" which is a reflection of his life, circumstances, and the place he comes from.


Edwards was born in Kingston, Jamaica and he later moved to the Aston area of Birmingham, England when he was nine years old. He once expressed that his nickname is the reflection of his formative years growing up in London.

Early Childhood Years

In a personal letter published in ESPN, Edwards mentioned how his early childhood and the murder of his father impacted his life decisions.

What Did He Say in the Letter?

He wrote, “I didn’t plan to get into a gang. It’s just what you did. It was a means of survival. He further expressed, “When I was 14, my father was murdered. He was shot and killed at a nightclub in London. It pushed me more into gang life and crime, toward the negative. My mid-teens were my darkest years."

Leon Edwards expressed how he was so much into fighting that it lead to reflect on his nickname. He said that he fought almost all the time, sometimes to defend friends, intimidate people or fight because of beef. He further added, “That’s why my nickname is ‘Rocky’. I got that from school. That’s before I got into MMA. I got it just from scrapping in the streets.”

Edward on His Nickname 

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