“Horrific and Infuriating” Incident Against Autistic Kid Draws Heavy Criticism From Conor McGregor’s Close Friend & MMA World

Published 03/14/2023, 8:50 AM EDT

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For the world to be a better place, it is important that today’s kids grow up with kindness and love. However, it often happens that some get into bullying others of the same age. There are athletes from the MMA world who have openly talked about the adverse effect on the mental health of a kid who goes through bullying. The very famous UFC commentator, Joe Rogan, revealed the same thing in the #1929 episode of his show, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience‘. Rogan detailed how he was bullied when he was a kid by another boy in the locker room. The 55-year-old detailed how the incident pushed him into the MMA world.

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At the moment, after watching a viral video of a kid being attacked on Twitter, the netizens are disheartened. In the video, a boy was chased down by other children his age. The source mentioned that the boy was autistic. Furthermore, the fighter Dillon Danis came across the video where the child was brutally beaten. The UFC superstar, Conor McGregor‘s best friend, felt that it was important for kids to take MMA training to rescue themselves from bullies. As a result, he offered to sponsor the boy’s MMA training.

Dillon Danis and fans were disheartened after coming across the video


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Fight Haven posted the video of the boy being treated inhumanely, and fans were quick to react to the atrocity. Along with the video, they tweeted, “Latinos chase down an autistic black kid and jump him, all while hurling racial slurs on the R211 subway in New York City…

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After coming across the video of the Bellator MMA’s welterweight, Dillon Danis wrote, “Someone give me this kid’s info. I will pay for his membership to train any martial arts he wants at any gym in New York City.


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Check out how fans reacted to the video of the kid getting beaten.

One of the fans felt that it was disgusting to harm the disabled kid.

Another fan felt the whole incident was “horrific and infuriating.”

One of the fans reminded the attackers of “karma.”

One of the Twitter users pointed out how the adults didn’t come to the child’s rescue.

Another fan said that the whole incident was not right.

One fan was curious to know why the other kids attacked.

A Twitter user felt the video was heartbreaking.

Another fan wrote about how he feels when a person gets bullied.


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Like the majority of the fans, even Dillon Danis was disturbed by the boy being treated so brutally. The 29-year-old readily came out to say that he wants to help the boy by paying for his MMA training.


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