“You Have a Sugar Daddy Now” – Israel Adesanya Leaks Chats With Ex-Girlfriend as He Reveals She Wanted Half His “Assets” Just Like Achraf Hakimi & Hiba Abouk Drama

Read about Achraf Hakimi's smart financial move that saved him money during a divorce. Israel Adesanya applauded the PSG star's strategy, which was akin to a chess move, and even claimed to have prepared for such an eventuality.

UFC champion Israel Adesanya, after winning against Alex Pereira, shared a post on Instagram about his financial planning. He mentioned he'd take half his partner's wealth and taunted Hakimi's wife for getting nothing.

Israel Adesanya criticizes Hiba Abouk

Adesanya said, “Very relatable…Imagine being so fu*ken entitled that you think you deserve what a man has worked his whole life for. When you came into his life with nothing and tried to leave with millions. But like Achraf Hakimi, my assets are protected. I woulda taken half her sh*t too, but I don’t want half of NOTHIN.

Fighters, like those in the UFC, praised Achraf Hakimi for smart financial planning after his divorce. Israel Adesanya and Francis Ngannou called it a "chess-like super move" and "masterclass."

UFC watches Hakimi divorce

There are no specific laws in place to protect athletes from expensive divorces. Israel Adesanya is reportedly in a relationship with Shana Evers, and they have been seen spending time together after UFC 281.

Protecting Athletes from Costly Divorces

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