11 months before Paris Olympics, move that broke Gymnastics' 100 year long gold drought goes viral

In sports history, there were many wins, but one elusive gold medal remained unattainable for over a century. Just 11 months before the Paris Olympics, a groundbreaking move in gymnastics captivated millions worldwide, ending a century-long gold drought and going viral online.

 The Historical Drought Unearthed

For a century, gymnastics gold medal amidst Olympic dominance in other sports. Gymnastics, a blend of grace, strength, and precision, remained an elusive conquest, with their last gold in 1896. 

A Viral Flashback to Atlanta 1996

A throwback to the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, shared on social media @gymnastics, sparked a monumental shift. It featured Ioannis Melissanidis' iconic routine in men's floor finals, known as the "Melissanidis Twist." This move earned him a perfect 10, breaking Greece's 100-year gold medal drought in gymnastics.

Inspiring a New Generation

The internet buzzed as the Melissanidis Twist went viral, captivating gymnastics enthusiasts and inspiring a new generation of gymnasts. It shattered the notion of the impossible and fueled hope for the Paris Olympics.

credits: The Olympics Games Twitter

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