33-Year-Old Female Bodybuilder Shares Top Tips for Building Muscle Without Protein Shakes

Holly Baxter, an international award-winning physique athlete, said she's learned from personal and professional experience that the best diet for a strong, lean physique is one you can stick to in the long term.

Don't look for unsustainable shortcuts

As Holly says, "Find something that works for your preferences. It's not super sexy or glamorous, but often people are looking for shortcuts that just aren't sustainable."

Protein shakes and supplements are not necessary

"If you enjoy eating like I do, I'm more of an advocate of eating a meal," Baxter said. Baxter consumes 130-140 gm of protein daily.

Baxter's go to foods

Baxter's favorite is fat-free Greek yogurt. She said she eats lean red meat about three to five times a week: her favorite is a filet mignon with cheesy bread, roasted veggies, and a glass of red wine. 

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