8x Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman Named his Female counterpart in Bodybuilding World

8 times Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman needs no introduction. He's the legend of bodybuilding and left an undefeated legacy in the bodybuilding world. Let's have a look at the story to know whom he named as a female 'Ronnie Coleman.'

Who is the female Ronnie Coleman of bodybuilding according to Coleman?

According to Ronnie Coleman, American bodybuilder Lenda Murray is the best female bodybuilder.

About Lenda Murray

Lenda Murray is an American professional female bodybuilding champion, and considered the best by many bodybuilders.

How many MS. Olympia titles Lenda has?

Heading 2

Murray has won eight overall Ms. Olympia titles and has two professional wins in her weight class. She is the second most successful female bodybuilder ever, second only to Iris Kyle.

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