A Quick Look At One-Time Meals Of 4x Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler made his name into the list of iconic bodybuilders after defeating the reigning king, Ronnie Coleman. Even though retired, Cutler still maintains an impressive physique despite his hectic schedule.
 Watch more to find out what meals he takes when on the run.

Cutler's Chef

Jay Cutler's wife, fitness model, and fellow bodybuilder Angie Feliciano is the one who makes quick meals for him. The couple is very close to each other.

Cutler's Quick Meal #1

5 oz chicken, 1 cup of peas, and 1 cup of rice, A very traditional bodybuilder meal where you have your protein, fiber, and carbs.

Cutler's Quick Meal #2

For his second meal, Cutler replaces the chicken with steak. Not only does it break the monotony but steak is rich in minerals that chicken lacks,

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