Arnold Schwarzenegger Reunited With Ailling Ronnie Coleman For A Special Occasion

The GOAT debate in bodybuilding is mostly between Ronnie Coleman and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The two GOATs, however for each other have the utmost respect as seen in a recent interaction at the Arnold Classic.

Arnold Classic 2023 winner

Samson Dauda edged past favorites Nick "The mutant" Walker and Andrew Jacked for the 2023 Arnold Classic title.

Arnold and Ronnie met each other at Arnold Classic 2023

Coleman shared a video of their interaction with the caption, "Always good catching up with this guy at his show, the 2023 Arnold Classic the 35th Anniversary of this show. I wouldn’t miss it for nothing."
Source: Ronnie Coleman/Instagram

"King to king conversation" fans react

One fan wrote "Average 🐐 conversation", another popular comment was, "How have you both occupied the same air space without causing some sort of paradox world-ending event?" and one user said "15 Mr.Olympia wins in one frame.. thats staggering 🦾"

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