Best Dressage horse whose movements could even compete with ballerina's elegant moves

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Totilas, the legendary black KWPN stallion born in 2000, showcased ballerina-like grace from early days with Jiska de Roos-van den Akker to breaking records with Edward Gal, leaving an indelible mark on dressage.

Totilas: The Record-Breaker

Guided by Edward Gal, Totilas achieved unprecedented success, making their international grand prix debut in June 2009 with an impressive score of 79.14%. In a groundbreaking moment two months later, Totilas secured an euphoric individual gold at the European Championships, breaking the 90% mark.

Controversial Era

Despite phenomenal success, Totilas underwent a controversial shift. Sold to Paul Schockemöhle, with Matthias Rath acquiring the riding rights. Injuries and illness hindered their journey and limiting championship representation until 2015. Despite a valiant effort at the 2015 Europeans, his retirement left fans divided.

Legacy and Farewell

Totilas's retirement signaled the end of an era, yet his enduring legacy persisted. As a sought-after sire, he contributed to the equestrian world until his untimely death at 20 in December 2020 due to severe colic. The global dressage community mourned the loss of this true icon, reflecting on his profound impact on the sport and beyond.

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