Disturbed Surfing Enthusiast Reveals Deadly Shark Attack Tale Causing 18 Stitches and Loss of One of His Favourite Things

Published 09/19/2023, 6:31 AM EDT

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Daytona Beach, nestled along Florida’s eastern coast, is a renowned coastal city known for its pristine sandy shores, vibrant atmosphere, and a glorious tradition of motorsports, including the iconic Daytona International Speedway. With its consistent waves and warm waters, it has gained a reputation as one of the best surfing areas in the world. However, in this stunning Daytona Beach area, a shark attacked the face of a surfer sending shockwaves through the surfing community in New Smyrna Beach. 

In a harrowing incident 6 days ago, Mark Summerset, a 38-year-old seasoned surfing enthusiast from South Carolina, narrowly escaped a ferocious shark attack while riding the waves at New Smyrna beach. The tranquil waters of this popular surf spot turned into a scene of terror as a shark brutally bit Summerset on the face. Somehow Summerset emerged from the sea, battered and bruised but alive. He received the urgent medical attention that he needed, including 18 stitches to mend his injuries.

Surfing enthusiast’s terrifying tale of shark encounter


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As the waves lapped the shore under the bright Florida sun, Summerset’s peaceful day took a nightmarish turn. A massive shark sank its razor-sharp teeth deep into his face, leaving a gruesome wound. In a recent interview with TODAY, Summerset said, “I felt this pressure on my face. It felt like a bear trap crunching on my face.” In the face of imminent death, Summerset’s survival instincts kicked in as he fought off the relentless attacker in the water. 

“I think he just ripped down a little bit. But sharks have five rows of teeth, so he tore me up pretty bad, and he let go.” Summerset said recalling the terror. He also shared with the source about how badly he was injured and the feeling of the gut-wrenching pain, “It still hurts. I am in recovery right now.” 

Summerset suggested that his favorite gold chain, lost during the attack, might have attracted the shark, mistaking it for fish scales, “It thought I was a fish, the scales on the fish, and he grabbed my face because of that, I believe.” Immediately he was rescued and taken to Halifax Health, a trauma center in Volusia County, Florida. The severity of his injuries required immediate medical attention, and he underwent a painstaking 18-stitches surgery to close the gaping wound. 

Florida beach becomes shark-bite capital

Summerset’s injury sheds light on a concerning trend, as there have been five reported shark incidents in the past four months at nearby New Smyrna Beach. Now it’s considered as the shark-bite capital of the world. Summerset recounted his experience, revealing that he had spotted around 10 sharks the day before the attack.


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Aerial shots taken post-attack confirmed the presence of numerous sharks in the water. A DNA swab was taken from Summerset’s laceration to identify the shark species responsible. The shark attack has been increasing all across the U.S.A as there have been 32 shark attacks reported this year, with Florida accounting for 17 of them. Volusia County, encompassing New Smyrna Beach, alone reported seven shark bites.

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Mark Summerset’s story serves as a reminder of the unpredictable dangers lurking beneath the ocean’s surface. Although Summerset courageously was able to escape the terrifying shark attack at New Smyrna Beach, this incident has shaken the surfing community. It also underscores the importance of adhering to safety protocols when enjoying surfing.

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