Big Wave Surfer Matt Bromley Gives Fans Sneak-Peek Into His One-of-a-Kind Surfing Spree

Matt Bromley’s taken enough swings at South Africa’s favorite big wave Dungeons to know when it’s one of the more extensive sessions in recent memory. And, Last week, the 31-year-old surfer witnessed the most giant wave he ever surfed. He saw a multi-day swell that shifted into Cape Town and further up the western flank of Africa. Let's take a peek into his experience.

How big is the wave? 

“We’re talking 50-60 foot faces as the sets marched in, converting to what people would call 25 feet to 30 feet as it hit the shelf and broke,” said Fabian Compagnolo, who caught a gigantic bomb during the session.

Matt Bromley uncovers the terrifying situation

"That’s the biggest I’ve ever surfed it, it was terrifying out there." "We’ve seen Dungeons go off once before this season, but nothing quite like this," said Matt Bromley.

'The gnarliest lineup I’ve ever been in'

Fabian, who dived through 50 ft to catch Bromley on camera, was also dealing with the shifting surrounds: “It was so scary, the gnarliest lineup I’ve ever been in, felt like those XXXL days in Nazare when the lineup just turns into big current and boils, sucking you into water,” he said.

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