Gigantic Great White Shark Preying Across Southern California Shore Leaves Legendary Surfer Kelly Slater Wowed

The sharks have a bad reputation for being blood-thirsty predators that are a nightmare for surfers. However, these oceanic creatures sometimes surprise the human race with their complacent cruising and giant size that was recently observed in Southern California and even got Kelly Slater's attention.

Mammoth Great white shark cruising in the shallows!

Scott Fairchild, a photographer, recently updated his social media profile with a picture of a great white shark hunting in the shallows for sting rays. The size of this shark got surfer Kelly Slater's attention.

"She's not small":Kelly Slater

World champion surfer Kelly Slater could not believe the enormous size of the shark and was left stunned by it. He also commented on the images uploaded by Scott, "She's not small. Wow."

A Chapstick size shark!

Shark advocate Scott measured the length of the shark to the size of a "Chapstick" as he uploaded the video of the great white shark "cruising" in the shallow waters.
Credit- Scott_Fairchild/ Instagram

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