Gymnastics GOAT Simone Biles’ Daring Journey Leads Her to Out of the Box Tasks She Has Never Done Before

Olympic gold winner Simone Biles has done everything in her power to excel. She is possibly the best gymnast to have ever lived. Biles is one of the most well-known athletes, with four gold medals under her belt. She has recently been quite outspoken on the value of mental wellness for athletes. Her latest Snapchat show, Daring Simone, recently showcased her courage while gutting the fish out.

Simone Biles becomes ‘fishmonger’

Even though Simone has had a very successful career, she still feels like there are still areas where she might have done better. On the other hand, Biles has continuously developed during her illustrious career and given reliable performances. Recently, in her Snapchat show, she tried a dangerous challenge and was accompanied by her best friend, Rachel. The main fishmonger showed them how to cut out fish and made them understand the whole process. However, Simone felt disgusted as the person gushed out the fish’s guts.

What Simone Biles said on Fishmonger

“When he started to pulling the guts out, I was just disgusted and nervous because this was going to be hard for me.”

Simone Biles remind herself to going out of comfort zone 

Heading 2

“When I saw those guts pull out, she was so overwhelming (Simone). Oh my gosh, Ewwww. I have to remind myself that sometimes going out of your comfort zone is a good thing. I need to focus and visualize.” 

Simone Biles Added

 “I freaked myself out.”

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