How Are Ice Baths Important to Bodybuilders to Develop Muscles?

Ice Baths are a very contested subject in bodybuilding. While athletes across sports swear by them as it aids recovery, many bodybuilders avoid them, claiming it hampers muscle growth. 
Watch more to find out what an Ice Bath would do to your muscles.

Ice Bath And Muscle Growth

If you are looking to gain muscle, then Ice baths should be avoided. Ice baths have an adverse effect on hypertrophy as it inhibits muscle protein synthesis.

Ice Bath And Bodyfat

Brown fat contains mitochondria and burns energy to produce body heat, White fat is the typical fat that stores extra calories in form of body fat. An Ice Bath makes the white fat adopt the properties of brown fat and aids in reducing body fat.

Ice Bath And Recovery

Studies have consistently shown that Ice Baths reduce muscle pain and soreness after training sessions and competitions.

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