“I Don’t Often Get Into the Mindset Stuff” 4X Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler Shares the Pro Tip of the Day With His Fans on Instagram

Jay Cutler made his name into the list of iconic bodybuilders after defeating the reigning king, Ronnie Coleman. Since retiring, Cutler has built a large presence on social media where he motivates and guides his fans. There's also a Cutler's Pro Tip of The Day. Check out this one.

Cutler receives a lot of messages daily

"I always get a ton of messages from people on the #JayMail about dealing with hard times or things in their life which they can't get past"

He usually refrains from "mindset stuff"

"I do not often get into the mindset stuff too much because I see a lot of BS out there. but I wanted to use today's #JayMail to help those who need this"

How to make a big impact on your mindset?

"If you can teach yourself to focus on the things you have control of in your life, like the food you eat, training, and sleep that can have a big impact on your mindset. It may sound really simple, but it will shock you how much this works"

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