Kelly Slater’s IG Following Shows He Still Follows Supermodel Ex-Girlfriend Gisele Bündchen As Well as Former Hubby Tom Brady

Kelly Slater is the famous american surfer followed by many, and he too follows some popular star. He's following both, Gisele, and Tom.

Kelly Slater following Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady

There are many popular celebs who are followed by Kelly in Instagram. However, it took attention when he followed both Tom and Gisele Bundchen. Because Brady and Bundchen are separeted their ways.

Kely Slater and Gisele Bundchen were dating

Gisele always had a thing for athletes and Kelly Slater was once her main squeeze. Page Six shares that Gisele and Kelly became a thing after her split from Leo DiCaprio. Unfortunately, they went on to call it quits in 2006.

Are Kelly Slater and Gisele Bundchen still in touch?

There's nothing out on their meet yet. Kelly Slater just follow her in Instagram, like he follows NFL GOAT Tom Brady.

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