Legends Arnold Schwarzenegger vs Tom Cruise and Tom Holland: Who Secured The Most From Hollywood

Arnold Schwarzenegger needs no introduction. He's the former Mayor, bodybuilder, and actor as well. Do you know how much he secured from Hollywood? Are his numbers bigger than Tom Cruise and Tom Holland?

How much was Arnold Schwarzenegger secured from Hollywood?

Arnold did 34 movies as a lead. He earned $1,745,985,584 domestically and $51,352,517 on average.

How much was Tom Cruise secured from Hollywood?

To date, Tom Cruise did 43 movies as a lead with a domestic collection of $4,672,429,213, and an average collection of $108,661,144. Tom has a net worth of $600 million.

How much was Tom Holland secured from Hollywood? 

Heading 2

Tom Holland did 15 movies as a lead, and from Hollywood, he earned $3,493,295,663 domestically and $232,886,378 on average.

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