Lia Thomas’s NCAA’s Swimming Competitor Holds Megan Rapinoe Responsible for Controversy Surrounding Transgender Athletes in Women’s Sports

The entry of transgender athletes has sparked a cold protest from women athletes who are openly rising up against sports federations and administrative bodies. Almost a year after the NCAA incident, Riley Gaines opens up on the issue regarding transgender entry in women's sports.

Lia Thomas' rival stands against biological men in women's sports

Lia Thomas' rival Riley Gaines has stood against biological men after fifth place at NCAA 2022 was offered to Lia instead of Riley.

"People like Meghan Rapinoe advocating for trans inclusion"

"People like Megan Rapinoe who, once, was a trailblazer for the women's sports... is now advocating for trans inclusion in sports," said Riley while speaking on FIFA's decision to let men compete in women's sports.

Where did Riley outspoke on the sensitive issue?

Former Kentucky swimmer opened up on the important topic on Dan Dakich's Outkick show, "Don't @ Me".

Riley on women sports community's support

"I believe because of, not just my outspokenness, there's been several people who are behind me and at the forefront of this as well."

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