"Luke should have got 50-100 thousand dollars." Surfing Legend Kala Alexander Points Out The Mistake In 2023 Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational Winner Luke Shepardson's Picture 

The Eddie Aikau Big wave surfing competition was conducted successfully on January 22 and Luke Shepardson emerged as the winner of the competition. Luke is getting praised by all but legend Kala Alexander seems to be unsatisfied with Luke's picture that he pointed out. Check it out in the following story.

The image on which Kala Alexander commented

This is the image on which surfer Kala Alexander pointed out a mistake.

What was the mistake Alexander pointed out?

"The only thing wromg with this picture?? Luke should've got 50-100 thousand dollars. Not mileage," posted the Amerixan surfer on his story.

Why did Alexander make such a comment?

Alexander made such a comment as Shepardson won 350.000 hawaiian miles that equals only $10 K as prize money.

Who posted this image?

Coco Ho, daughter of surfer Michael Ho, posted the image on which Alexander commented.

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