“Have to Go Against the World”: Sha’Carri Richardson Expresses Her Strong Opinion on Noah Lyles’ NBA Championship Comment

Sha'Carri Richardson rocked the track and field world when the American athlete clinched gold in the women's 100m category at the World Athletics Championship. The strong candidate for the upcoming Olympics has always expressed her opinions without any filter, continuing the tradition with her latest comment on Noah Lyles' controversial statement.

"There are no flags in the NBA": Noah Lyles' tendentious remark post-win

In his post-win press interview at the World Athletics Championship, Noah Lyles questioned the championship status of NBA champions saying, "You've got to be more than that[to be a world champion}".
Credit- Cathal Dennehy/ Twitter

Sha'Carri Richarson's firm stance on Noah Lyles' comment

Women's 100m champion Sha'Carri Richardson replied on Twitter to Noah Lyles' opinion on the NBA Championship, "I’m standing with Noah on this one!! You have to go against the world in order to be a world champion!!".

What's the reason behind Richardson's support for Noah?

The cause that Sha'Carri Richardson mentioned in her reply was, "The organization[NBA] have players from different countries but do they compete against different countries" in support of Noah Lyles' opinion.

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