Noah Lyles’ Historic Record Gets Matched at Xiamen Diamond League After Sha’Carri Richardson’s Rumored Boyfriend Clinches Victory in 100m

American sprinters like Noah Lyles and Sha'Carri Richardson replicated their World Championship performance at the Zurich Diamond League. However, round 12 of Diamond League in Xiamen is garnering much attention after Sha'Carri Richardson' rumored boyfriend matched a historic time.

Emergence of new 100m Champion after Noah Lyles!

American track and field athlete Christian Coleman sprinted through the finish line with the fastest time of his career and clinched victory in the 100m in the Xiamen Diamond League.

Coleman matches the record timing of World Champion!

Christian Coleman completed his 100m long run in just 9.83 seconds on the tracks of Egret stadium matching the historic timing of World Champion Noah Lyles in Budapest in 100m.

When Christian Coleman once surpassed legend sprinter Usain Bolt

Coleman is an incredible sprinter in the track and field world as the American athlete went past Usain Bolt to claim the silver medal in 100m during the 2017 World Championships.

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