Noah Lyles Is All In, Rooting for the $155M Esports Giants at Worlds 2023

Following his incredible performance at the World Championships, Noah Lyles is currently on a well-deserved break, enjoying a Jamaican vacation with his girlfriend.. After sharing his daily routine, the sprinter discloses his support for a hundred-million-dollar eSports organization, showcasing his passion for gaming.

6X champion reveals his routine

In a YouTube video, Noah provides insight into his daily routine during his hiatus. In the clip, he confesses that he's not exercising, as he's taking a break to let his body recuperate. Opening a doughnut box, he elaborates, "I need to sleep, I need to eat, and I need to enjoy life."

Noah’s new interest

Lyles' latest interest has taken his fans by surprise. An eSports page on X shared a post about NRG, saying, “The faithful have been rewarded. #Worlds2023” Noah commented on the post, stating, “@NRGLeague with the amazing upset. That was amazing

Credit- LoL Esports/ X

Noah’s team making waves at Esports Worlds 2023

NRG has advanced to the quarterfinal stage of the 2023 World eSports tournament. They defied the odds by defeating G2 with a decisive 2-0 score, reaching this stage by overcoming giants like Cloud9.
 Credit: LoL Esports/X

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