All of Simone Biles' tattoos and the interesting stories behind them

Olympic gymnastics GOAT, Simone Biles has five tattoos. Let's have a look at the reasons for her tattoos.

Olympic Ring 

Biles got her very first tattoo back in 2017, the Olympic ring.


Simone recently showed off her new tattoo of "Golden," written in cursive on her inner left wrist.


Simone got a 'xoxo' tattoo on her inner lip, as she always wanted a lip tattoo. 

Heading 2


Simone Biles has a tattoo of her birth year, 1997 on her elbow. 

"And Still I Rise"

Biles got a new piece of ink of the phrase "And still I rise" tattooed on her collarbone, a nod to the legendary poem of the same name by Maya Angelou. 

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