A look inside Usain Bolt's Million dollar lifestyle

The Olympic legend Usain Bolt has retired from track and field, but he still earns millions from his endorsements. Let's have a look at where he spends his million dollars.

Bolt's appartment

Usain Bolt's 2.17 million luxury appartment. 
Credits- YoutubeTheRichest

Bolt's home

Usain Bolt's home in Jamaica and the Bahamas secret hide away.
Credits- YoutubeTheRichest


Usain Bolt loves the speed and has a great collection of cars. 
Credits- YoutubeTheRichest

Heading 2

Bolt's Ferrari

Usain Bolt even has Ferrari's in his collection.
Credits- YoutubeTheRichest

Bolt loves music

Usain Bolt has spent alot of his millions on DJ equipment.
Credits- YoutubeTheRichest

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