Revealed: Here's How Swimming Queen Katie Ledecky Swims So Fast Without Getting Tired

Katie Ledecky has become adept as a speed swimmer as well as the endurance swimmer over a distance of 1500m. But how can this feat be achieved? The ES team has brought you the steps of the endurance training that Ledecky does to keep herself unbeatable over long distances in the following story.

Why Katie Ledecky has a high endurance?

Katie Ledecky has high endurance in swimming as she has mastered the skills to swim over 1500m without getting tired.

First Step of Ledecky's endurance training- Warm Up

The warm-up exercise for endurance training includes 500 freestyles easy, 50 kicks 10 times with fins, and then 100 IMs 5 times.

Second Step Of Endurance training- Pre Set

The Pre-set part of the endurance training includes 4 50s bow drills along with 300 pulls (build) under 5 minutes to get to the main set.

Third Step of Endurance training- Main Set

The main step includes the 200 freestyles(Build), 400 freestyle(Threshold) followed by 4 100s freestyle(Best Average). The combination of these exercises over three times increases the body's endurance.

Last Step of Endurance training- Cool Down

The last step of the endurance training is to cool down 10 50s freestyle(Silent Swim) so that the body's movements can be minimized that create a splash.

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