Revealed: The Best Protein For Mass Gain According To 8x Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman was a big guy who had to eat a lot of food to maintain his physique. And by a lot, we mean 5332 calories and 546 grams of protein. Here's the best protein he suggested for mass gain.

Best Mass Gain Protein according to Ronnie Coleman

According to Ronnie Coleman, King Mass is the best mass gain protein. He suggested the same to the user who asked him the question.

What did Ronnie Coleman say on ego lifting?

"Never do ego lifting. Always practice safe set."

Ronnie Coleman Body Measurement

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Ronnie Coleman's Body Measurements are 58-36-24 Inches, including His Chest Size of 58 Inches, Waist Size of 36 Inches, and Arms or Biceps Size of 24 Inches.

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