"Serena Williams! You will be missed": Simone Biles, Lindsey Vonn, and other top athletes paid tribute to Tennis GOAT for an incredible career

Serena Williams Williams’ legacy has made an impact on and off the court, and her 27 years on tour have proven the icon to be one of the all-time greatest athletes in the history of any sport – male or female. Great athletes across the sports paid tribute to Williams.

Tribute from Alex Morgan

"Serena fighting until the last point, always. You've given so much to tennis, and so much to womens sports. Thank you Serena Williams"

Tribute from Simone Biles

"thank you Serena Williams for transcending sports for black athletes, female athletes and every athlete"

Tribute from Lindsey Vonn

Heading 2

"The greatest of all time. Period! It’s been a privilege to watch history. Congrats on an incredible career Serena Williams"

Tribute from Carli Lloyd

"Greatest of all time Serena Williams! You will be missed."

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