Sha’Carri Richardson Charges on NBC and US Track and Field Authorities Due to the Exploitation of the Athletes

Sha'Carri Richardson is one of the few athletes in the world who are quite vocal about their rights and don't worry about small disturbances, Recently, the controversies in the world of Track and Field regarding exploitation have caught the attention of the public and Sha'Carri is definitely not facing this nuisance.

Sha'Carri Richardson charges in on broadcast network NBC

With broadcasting rights shifting from NBC to CNBC and barring the personal media agents, Sha'Carri Richardson could not control her anger as she said, "These companies continue to make it HARDER for track and field to have exposure!!!"

Further criticizing the sporting tactics of the companies, Sha'Carri added, "All they want is to continue to exploit sports!!!".

Sha'Carri Richardson's call to athletes around the globe

Sha'Carri Richardson made a call to the athletes in the following video to form an organization and stand up against all kinds of exploitation.
Credit- FitzDunk/ Twitter

What is the problem that athletes are worried about?

Athletes have been quite discontented with the sudden surge in ticket prices, transportation, stay facilities, and other daily requirements like Food and exploitation of athletes without any part.

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